Apply to Collaborate as a Model!

So you want to model? Or perhaps you're seeing what this page is all about, let me tell ya!

I'm often asked how I find talent to work with and the truth is, mostly through networking! I absolutely love to connect and network in all areas of my life and this had lead me to work with incredibly talented people. It's also what has inspired me to create networking events and bring together this talent. I love receiving messages with collaboration requests from other creative folks, but I also understand the social anxiety sending a message can create and that's so not how I want to start this off!

I've created a simple application for all model candidates to fill out if they have an interest in collaborating and working together! I'll work to return a message to the model applicant ASAP, even if there's not a current project. This application will be used as a personal database for me to keep on hand for upcoming projects!

Wondering if you have what it takes?

If you're feeling a little tingley reading this, I'll bet ya do!

& if you relate to the statement's I'm making about the models I work with below, please drop a line because I'd love to work with you!

I'll start by saying, you don't have to be a model to model. I'm not a model by trade, but do have experience with modeling. It's something I've done over the years as another creative means of expressing myself. So, I'm speaking from experience on this topic and promise that if this is something you're into, it can be super fun! I have been featured in commercial advertisement including TV commercial ads, print editorials, billboards, and various online spaces. I've never had a desire or passion to pursue modeling, but find it so fun to model! These experience have opened the door for miscellaneous networking opportunities, as well as have helped me to create a safe & positive model experience for the individuals I work with.

There's an unexplainable energy that comes from within when you have the opportunity to express a side of yourself that you might not ordinarily express; making modeling way different than just having your picture taken. Then, seeing that expression captured and used in a way that you'd never use your own photo has a way of making you feel big and small all at the same time; it's a delicate balance between humbling and empowering. But as mentioned before, this isn't about being comfortable having your photo taken; it's about an artistic expression of the self and I aim to capture that light with your cooperative collaboration.

The models I work with...

Are open-minded and free spirited, with a burning desire to express.

There's a particular kind of fire within the soul that I like to see ignited and capture. Just add the right wardrobe and location, and boom - magic, there she is!

Aren't afraid to take chances, be bold, or make moves.

It's amazing how these factors make a photo great, and it's not because the technique used to shoot the shot was good. It's because the expression was captured well.

Are a little bit leather, a little bit lace, and a whole lot of personality!

From goth to gowns, my shoots can cover a lot of ground. Having talent that can cover a spectrum of genres enhances the opportunities we'll have to work together.

Aren't your "typical models".

I try to keep it real around here, as in around myself and my little world, so I like to connect and work with real people that have real stories and real lives.

Become my friend & let's capture your model side!

What's in it for you?

In exchange for your time & efforts, I provide you a handful of images (depending on the experience), a generous discount for booking your own session, and referral bonuses!

So what's stopping ya? Drop a line below!

Be sure to checkout the latest from the C club after you apply!

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