Hey, I'm Christal!

I absolutely love life and see the magic in everything and everyone! ✨ I take full advantage of the gift of life! I am novelty & experience driven - always exploring new places, learning new things, meeting people, and raising my vibration! ☄️

I may be a dreamer with my head in the clouds, but I'm also very business oriented! 💼 As a kid I would play bank/store/office with my brothers and friends. In college, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Science in Business Management. 🎓

Today, when I put on my boss lady pants, it's to run my commercial + portrait photography business in Southwest Washington. 📸 Then, when it's time to kick off my heels, I enjoy long strolls through thrift stores and late night “trips” to Amazon, to find unique props and styling pieces to incorporate into one of a kind Styled Shoots. 🥂🛒

I put my degree to work in merchandising management - I learned design concepts and how to style and display for one of the most recognized brands in the world. 🏇🏑 Now, I apply my experience to styling and designing parties, events, editorial sets, styled shoots and just about anything else that can be dressed up! 🎊 From time to time I'll host a Styled Shoot, so be on the ​lookout for that! 👀

I do all of this for me and I would like to offer all of this to you too! I'm here to help add a little sparkle and to inspire you! You deserve a friend like me, your personal cheerleader! You are worthy to be encouraged and empowered to express your creative side! And if you want to turn that into an image, I got your back there too. ✨ Together, let's raise vibrations in personal and small business life! 🧘‍♀️ Call, Text, Email, or DM me me today!

From city roots to farms and boots, I grew up and lived In the best of both worlds.
The city stimulated my love for vibrancy and action, while the country introduced me to the beauty in a simpler approach to life. My imagination comes to life through photography and I invite you into that creative space. My mind works like a melting pot; blending together ideas and concepts from history, art, philosophy, culture, lore, pop-culture, locations, textures, items, and the magnetic energy life offers.


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